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Custom Judge Dredd-style Badges

I think 8 characters fit quite nicely (and that’s the max). 🖌️🖨️🔨🎨 #keltaria #art #design #hobby #3dprint #3dmodel #prop […]

From Twitter: Universim’s Medieval Age. Can’t Wait!

Our engineers have been super busy lately developing Medieval Age, Dynamic House Building System. Do we have your approval? […]

Christmas Things!

I’ve been on a watercolor kick and it’s holiday time so these caught my attention. Figured I’d share!

And there’s CATS in HATS?!

Creative Market Freebies

 I’ve been collecting various designs, fonts, and elements from Creative Market for a while. Love the stuff they have. […]

Do Judges like cookies?

Now available!! A new cookie press!

Just in time for the holidays… or whatever occasion might require some Judge badges. =) […]

ID10 on YouTube

My ID10 Droid appearance! (video starts about where you see him). I did not assemble him.

ID10 Droid (Star Wars: Battlefront II)

This is the 3D model I created from scratch of the ID10 Droid from the Star Wars game, Battlefront II. These files provide the basic parts to put together an ID10. The images in this post do NOT include the hand and feet grippers. There are hand and feet files included in various poses. Files available on my Etsy Shop.


Cilantro Lime Chicken

Adding recipes I’ve tried and liked to my recipe category.