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Desert Scorpion

This is a work in progress all about the making of my Desert Scorpion v2 (2013). The images used for refs are from and…

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GI Joe: The Finest Costume Club on YouTube!

My garrison (Florida) of The Finest at the Toy Show this past weekend. Yes, there ARE other costuming clubs out there besides Star Wars. 😉

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Sorry for the lack of postings! After freezing our arses off in Orlando on a small trip (it was a nice change though!) and getting…

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Finally! A New Project Begins!

Started on the initial design of my next project… which is a costume piece for my next costume!

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Custom Judge Dredd-style Badges

I think 8 characters fit quite nicely (and that’s the max). 🖌️🖨️🔨🎨 #keltaria #art #design #hobby #3dprint #3dmodel #prop #costume #cosplay #judge #judgedredd #dredd #accessory…

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ID10 on YouTube

My ID10 Droid appearance! (video starts about where you see him). I did not assemble him.