💗 Happy February! 💖

Here’s some random works!

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Some locations may still be under construction. I cringe at all my broken thumbnails. #wip 😑

Looking for my 3D files, stickers, or other products?


3D print openings/listings & new art announced on Hive & Instagram!

Me!About Me

Hello! I go by Klymestar for all things art & Keltaria; Zeshae for all things gaming. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I’m have too many hobbies. Gaming, art, miniature painting, costuming, and other crafty things. Most of my art is based on the world of Keltaria created by me in the early 90’s.

Eshelythe, A Dream Blog : A place to record your dreams no matter how much you can remember. Anyone is welcome to use it.

The World of Keltaria : TBA. The home for all things Keltaria. Work-in progress. For now, Discord will be my notebook. =)

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