NEWS Things!

  • More changes
    Revamps are so fun. =) My Redbubble listings will be listed as items in my shop here on Keltaria BUT clicking them (designated with the Redbubble logo) will take you …

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  • Website Redo!
    After many years of using the same theme it was time. I got the itch so welcome to a new theme. I’m aiming to make this site as simple as …

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  • New bots!
    I have set up a bot to auto-share new art and products to Discord. Also added the IdleRPG bot to play with too. If you are into the Discord and …

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  • Playing with Discord
    Keltaria is fantasy world I created back in 1992-ish and base a lot of art on it. I decided to use Discord as an ongoing ‘notebook’ about Keltaria (and playing …

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  • Gaming Characters!
    So many games. Missing some characters from Underlight, Everquest, Everquest II and others I’m sure. I’ll get around to tagging the game names eventually, but have fun at some guesses! …

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  • Zym, Winged Plasmacat
    Current painting project! My husband gave me two Windstone Paint-Your-Own figurines so I’ve started on the flapcat. Here’s my WIP gallery which will be updated as I progress! I also …

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SHOP Things!


Listings marked with the RB logo will take you to the Redbubble product page for that artwork.

OTHER Things!

Eshelythe, A Dream Blog : A place to record your dreams no matter how much you can remember. Anyone is welcome to use it.

The World of Keltaria : TBA. The home for all things Keltaria. Work-in progress.