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Eshelythe, A Dream Blog : A place to record your dreams no matter how much you can remember. Anyone is welcome to use it.

The World of Keltaria : TBA. The home for all things Keltaria. Work-in progress. For now, Discord will be my notebook. =)

Hello! I go by Klymestar for all things art & Keltaria and Zeshae for all things gaming. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I’m into too many hobbies. Gaming, art, miniature painting, costuming, and other crafty things. I like drawing vector art for use in printing. Limiting colors can be a challenge. If you like my style and would like something done, message me on Discord or Instagram.

NEWS Things!

  • Hihi!
    It’s been a while but we’ve had a lot going on. New house, holymoly. We’ll have our own offices-his/her caves!! =) SO I’ll be starting up streaming on Twitch again, …

    Hihi! Read More »

  • Wordle!
    This has taken off a bit. Also heard it on the radio a bit ago so.. why not. =) I didn’t quite get it at my first 2 guesses but …

    Wordle! Read More »

  • Testing!
    Testing, playing, tweaking all the things.. and new things I’ve discovered WordPress had now. And then changing my mind and changing more things! hah Though I think I’m pretty set …

    Testing! Read More »

  • More changes
    Revamps are so fun. =) My Redbubble listings will be listed as items in my shop here on Keltaria BUT clicking them (designated with the Redbubble logo) will take you …

    More changes Read More »

  • Website Redo!
    After many years of using the same theme it was time. I got the itch so welcome to a new theme. I’m aiming to make this site as simple as …

    Website Redo! Read More »

  • New bots!
    I have set up a bot to auto-share new art and products to Discord. Also added the IdleRPG bot to play with too. If you are into the Discord and …

    New bots! Read More »

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