A little about this site

A lot of these pieces in all categories are years old ranging from 1996 to the present. When new games came out that became my phase of new art along with working on Keltaria here and there (a world I created back in 1992-ish which sort of has it’s own home at world.keltaria.com). I’ve learned a lot from digital art: usually drawing in pencil, scanning it in then working in paint programs strictly with a mouse until I finally got access to a pen and tablet!

Art-wise I haven’t done much in the past few years, but I got into miniature painting  ! Having a ton of fun and learning new techniques and playing with colors/shading with each one I do. The images on the site are my first attempts. I’ve learned a lot since then and will update the gallery with newer images sometime in the future.

I’ve also turned this into more of a ‘My Hobbies’ type website/blog as I’m not only into art but baking, gaming and costuming (new hobby!) as well!

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