3D Printing: Bossk Parts

BosskBeen a while since I’ve posted anything up. Been busy with other projects but I just finished up some custom-designed-from-scratch costume pieces for a Star Wars character, Bossk! These were printed in white (it’s what we had in the printer at the time) but I highly recommend black for ‘accidental weathering’ of chips and scrapes, Unless you prefer white ‘weathering’! =)

Chest Box & Ratchet
Designed in 3 pieces so they fit together and reduce the support structures needed while printing.


chest and ratchet
3D Model
Bossk chest 1.8
Printed Chest Box & Ratchet.

Leg Doodads
(Yes, I’m calling them doodads!) Left and right leg doodads.

3D Model
bossk leg 01
3D Model

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  1. What are the dimensions of the chest box? CRL states it should be 2″ high x 1.5″ width and depth. Thank you

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