3D Printing: Bossk Parts

BosskBeen a while since I’ve posted anything up. Been busy with other projects but I just finished up some custom-designed-from-scratch costume pieces for a Star Wars character, Bossk! These were printed in white (it’s what we had in the printer at the time) but I highly recommend black for ‘accidental weathering’ of chips and scrapes, Unless you prefer white ‘weathering’! =)

Chest Box & Ratchet
Designed in 3 pieces so they fit together and reduce the support structures needed while printing.


chest and ratchet
3D Model
Bossk chest 1.8
Printed Chest Box & Ratchet.

Leg Doodads
(Yes, I’m calling them doodads!) Left and right leg doodads.

3D Model
bossk leg 01
3D Model
Thanks for looking! Share it with your friends!

12 thoughts on “3D Printing: Bossk Parts

  1. I’ve added this to My Shop for those looking for the files. Per the description, they will be up until (if) I hear from the original commissioner. =)


    Annnd you’ll also be ‘testing’ my shop out. My own test went well, so please contact me if you see any weirdness or issues!

    Please use saletest15 as a coupon code at checkout for 15% off. This will be valid until the end of November as a thank you. =)

  2. Sorry guys! I haven’t been getting notifications of comments for some reason. Sorrysorry!

    I’ve tossed one more attempt to the person that (used to?) make these via another means of communication. I haven’t heard anything via e-mail either. If I don’t hear back in a few days I’ll add them to my shop.

    My policy is that once I custom design something for a client I do not resell the designs unless given permission, especially since they had plans with them. BUT.. we’ll see!

      1. Hello

        I’m building a bossk costume for a Celebration next April. Any chance I could buy the files from you for these pieces to use on my own 3D printer? If not, will you pass my info on to that person as well? These pieces are hard to come by.

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