ARK: Survival Evolved

I am having a blast with this game.  I started up a small server (12 slots) just in case friends might want to join up. I have adjusted the setting slightly. XP gain rate = x3, Harvest rate = x1.75, Hunger rate = x0.75, and Resource Regrowth = x2. Just contact me and I’ll pass on the infos! Please, keep in mind this is an early access game, it may be buggy and it isn’t finished!

SO… starting out
Holymolybdenum! You may die a gazillion times before setting up your first thatch hut, campfire, and a set of cloth clothing and starter tools. That’s if you are just running around. Looks and scout carefully! You will learn by trial and error which dinos want to eat you vs which ones will leave you alone. OR you can read on the wiki, but learning as you go it much more fun, I think! One of the best tips is to build your first ‘home’ close to your area (south 1, north 2… ) so when you die you shouldn’t have too far to go. You can lose a corpse pretty easily among the water, brush and trees (you sometimes get flung away) especially if you haven’t paid attention to your surroundings/landmarks.

I will mention this particular page of the wiki was very helpful: Tips & Tricks. Especially because I did not want too many ‘spoilers’. As I progressed and improved my building materials and learned more engrams (recipes), I might look up a thing or 2 about taming certain dinos.

My plan is to built a simple thatch base, then move my location once I learn the basic wooden building structures and make my next location wood, and move again when I learn the next level and so on. I’m currently at a wood base and a few smaller dinos tamed. The turtle took the longest so far and I gave up on a Carno as that was taking way longer (so I killed em for meats heh).

So fun!

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