City Chicken

A family favorite! (unfortunately I really don’t have measurements of the ingredients, it depends on how much you want to make!)


  • Pork and veal in pieces (cubed I suppose! they are going to be skewered!)
  • 1-2 eggs
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Wooden/bamboo skewers (the thick 6″ type!)
  • Oil (whatever you prefer, I use olive oil)
  1. Skewer the pork and veal, alternating pieces on the skewers.
  2. Mix up some flour, salt and pepper on a plate. You can add whatever herbs you want but this is the basic recipe! I think I might have added a smidge of sage. (Yea, I don’t remember, guess I’ll need to make it again!)
  3. Roll the skewered meat in beaten egg then coat in the flour mixture. Heat oven to 250 or 300.
  4. Heat up a frying pan with oil. Sear/brown each piece and transfer in layers to a baking dish (whatever will hold em all!). This helps hold in the juices!
  5. Cover tight with foil. Bake for at least 1 hour. I probably did about 2+. You can’t really overcook them unless your oven is too hot so the more they cook the tenderer they get!

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