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Thank you for your interest!

I will get back with you as soon as I can with a quote based on the above fees and estimates of TBDs as well as more details on the selected requests if it applies. Payments are taken via Paypal or Venmo.

Art & Illustration

Custom Rengirl

  • Pick the theme and see what you get!
  • Or pick a theme and/or colors (a dominant color you’d like your rengirl wearing).
Full Color $45
Black Linework $20
Vectorized Portrait (Bust or Face)

  • You provide your photo and I’ll make ya into vectors! Great for profile pictures.
  • Black and white (2 color)
  • Monochrome (in your color of choice). 3-5 shades of chosen color will be used.
I… want something not listed here (or below), but I think you can help me!

  • Contact me for a quote with what you are wanting and I’ll see what I can do!

3D Models

3D Print Models

  • Custom 3D design per your specifications.
  • Photo/image/sketch references required.
  • Small ( no more than 6-ish inches ) items and accessories for costumes or other uses.
  • No armor or weapons. Small details or parts for said pieces are possible.
  • Any file created for a client will be their’s do with as they please. I do not resell custom designs, unless permitted.
1 hour minimum $30/hr


I want my own little space on the Internet!

  • A very simple WordPress website. Includes an About page, Services page, basic Gallery page, and/or Contact form. I will also add your social media links if you like.
  • Client is responsible for providing content. High quality photos/images related to your content appreciated (especially logos).
  • Client is responsible for any domain, hosting or plugin fees. I will be happy to set all that up for you or I will need access if you already have this set up.
  • Some hosts may charge for extra features that might be required by WordPress. (But I haven’t come across one personally yet!).
  • Once the ‘keys’ are handed to you and invoice paid I am still available for the services below. =)
I want more pages! Can my site do THIS… or THAT?

  • Additional page creation or customization. Client provides content.
  • Plugin research, installation and setup. For example if you want a Portfolio vs the basic gallery that comes with WordPress, that’ll be extra.
  • And to be straight, I am not a programmer, coder, codemonkey…. nerd (ok I might be a nerd of sorts), but I can usually customize things that are theme/visual related, providing it’s not prevented by the theme or plugin.

  • To make sure WordPress, theme, and plugins are up-to-date, in working order.
How do I….?

  • I will write up and send you instructions on how to do the basics: log-in, create a post, create a page, and/or upload photos/images.
I think I’d rather you do it. =)

  • Client provides the copy and images for posts or pages on the website.
  • Not to exceed 15 posts/pages per month.
  • Minor edits included (if you need to change something small on an existing page or post).
  • Basic spellcheck will be done as well as light formatting.
  • My office hours are Mon-Thurs 9am – 3:30pm EST and may take 1-3 “office” days to post depending on workload.
Oh no! It broke!

  • Website isn’t loading or there are errors.
  • Troubleshooting to commence!
  • Be advised, this may result in a complete loss of data and your website down.
  • There are back-up services for WordPress for additional fees.
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