ID9 Seeker Droid (Seventh Sister)

ID9 Droid 3D files available on Etsy

This the 3D model I created from scratch of the ID9 Seeker Droids the Seventh Sister uses. These files provide the basic parts to put together an ID9.

This post contains some details and tips and tricks I may have used to put my model together. As I find my photos of my WiP I’ll add them here with some notes (otherwise you’ll find them in my Instagram and Facebook pages).

  • These files produce the basic parts for the droid. All his appendage segments are separate for you to pose him how you want.
  • XTC3D is awesome. I use that to smooth out a lot of my prints (but be careful applying it!). Go lightly and gradually to reduce drippage on curved parts. Coat & sand = so smooth! File off the bumps/drips.
  • The top and bottom of his eye-hole are the thinnest parts of the print, it may even be spotty depending on your print settings. With a coating of XTC3D and paint, it covers it up quite nicely.
  • There is an area for a basic tealight (I found remote control ones, they are kinda awesome!). If you are an electrical wizard then by all means use other types of lights/LEDs.
  • Attach the legs as you see fit. I used brass rods and superglue.
  • There are indentations for small magnets on the bottom piece and washers on the top (please note this is not as strong as I like it with what I’m currently using, BUT I’ll be holding him from the bottom so I’m not too concerned).
  • I used an acrylic rod for his antenna and scrap ABS for his flag. Depending what you find it may fit right in the existing hole or file it open a bit.
  • Always be careful with your little droid. One good whack and the legs will likely still pop off/come loose.

If you have any other questions or would like to know how I did certain things not explained in this post, let me know and I’ll add it.

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