3D Files: Star Wars Second Sister Buckle & Bracer Greeblie

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**Personal use only. These files are not for distribution or for selling kits/parts.**

These are the belt buckle and bracer greeblie detail work on the 2nd Sister. There are 2 options for the bracer part, flat back or curved back.

I have personally printed these files on my Robo R2 Printer in gray PLA.

This zip file contains 3 files:
– One bracer greeblie (print 2 if you need 2)
– One bracer greeblie with a slight curve carved out the bottom (print 2 if you need 2)
– One belt buckle

Double check your actual size in your printer software! Please scale to your appropriate size as the default size may be a bit too large (or too small). Scale down via height only if you want to make them a smidge thinner or you can even scale width and length only to adjust those sizes as well.

I am not working on this costume so I am only going off visual references. These may or may not meet the CRL but made these from a request. Finishing and detailing may be required. Again scale to your size.

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