3D Files: Seventh Sister Saberguard (2 options)



**Personal use only. These files are not for distribution or for selling kits/parts.**

2 options available. Make sure you are choosing the right one as there are no refunds or exchanges. Any questions please ask.

Meant for: Dominix LE v2 light saber hilt from Ultrasaber.

CLOSED (Half Circle) Version:

Approx. 13″ x 8.8″ x 1.9″.
A set of 4 (four) .STL files. Top and bottom endcap, top blade piece, middle blade piece and lower blade piece.

This is a saberguard that was based on the Seventh Sister from Star Wars Rebels. These files provide the very basic pieces to create the saber, you will need to do additional work to make it more accurate (such as adding the markings, etc).

I have personally printed these files on my XYZ DaVinci 1.0 Pro in black ABS & PLA.

How I put it together: Seventh Sister Saberguard

OPEN (Full Circle) Version:

Meant for: Dominix LE v2 light saber hilt from Ultrasaber.

It uses my original files modified a bit for an open version. The modifications are to where the connectors are for both sides. Please make sure to mark or remember what you are printing as they are not a perfect mirror image. The files tell you what side is what (A-1 to A-3 is one side, B-1 to B-3 are the other side). The files are set so they print on the flat side and are all separate so if you can fit more on your printer, then there ya go!

I would glue the blade pieces together first, THEN make sure you have them on the correct sides of the endcaps before putting it all together. Again you may need to chop/cut into the endcaps in some way to not keep your lightsaber prisoner (unless you want it permanently attached, of course! =) ). So don’t glue everything together until you are sure!

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Open, Closed

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