3D Files: Space Marines Chapter Cookie Cutters

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This is a set of 16 (sixteen) .STL files of cookie cutters (with impressions) and cookie presses.

  • A press is a file that prints the cutter outline and press piece.
  • A cutter is a file that prints a cookie cutter with built in impressions.
  • The general thickness of the cutter and impressions are 1.5mm .
  • The presses and cutters give at most a 5mm deep impression.
  • I cleaned mine up with a wire brush and sand paper, sometimes a razor blade, then washed them before use.
  • I used low quality settings and printed with a skirt. Your settings may differ.
  • You can scale them if you want but keep in mind it will affect the width of the cutter and impression lines.
  • Most of these are approx 4 inches at their longest measurement.
  • Iron Hands is larger than most because well… that’s how it worked out. 4 inches was just too small for that one.

Cookie Tips:

  • You should be using a dough recipe meant for cutout cookies.
  • Keep your cookie dough at most 1/4 inch thick. A bit less is OK too but you don’t want it too thin.
  • Keep your cutters and presses dusted with floured/cocoa-ed. Maybe even greased if that’s a thing. =) Use a toothpick or something similar if dough gets stuck in small areas.
  • If you are a seeing the support impressions from the cutters your dough is too thick.
  • For presses: I tend to use the cutter first and slide them a bit to make sure the dough is not sticking to the surface, then pop the press in and press until i think I’ve got a good impression. Don’t press them too hard or you risk getting dough stuck or forcing it up the sides. You can always position the press back on top and press a little more if need be.
  • Chill well before baking so they don’t puff up as much. I pop them in the freezer to get good and firm before baking.

I have personally printed some of these files on my Robo R2 printer in PLA and baked with a few of them!

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