3D Files: Remodeled ID-10 Seeker Droid Files (Battlefront II)



This is a set of files (12) meant for 3D printers. It is my recreation of the ID10 Seeker Droid from Star Wars Battlefront II. They are the basic parts to build a droid.

Please read the points below before purchasing and contact me with any questions! =)

NOTE: This was hand-designed/built from scratch. This model was designed for printers that cannot print fine details (like mine). Please keep that in mind when ordering.

Important points:

    • The arms need to be attached per your preference, the ball joint just wasn’t trust worthy.
    • I’ve included the UNCUT version of the head for those with a print bed larger than 8″ x 8″ (he’s about 7″ or so. Personally I don’t like printing near the edge of the bed).
    • The UNCUT version’s top doodads and antennae holes are in a slightly different position.
    • There is an area for a basic tealight (I found remote control ones, they are kinda awesome!). If you are an electrical wizard then by all means use other types of lights/LEDs. You may also drill more holes in other ‘eye’ areas for more lights.
    • Attach the legs as you see fit, they are meant to be “hinged” like the model. I used “Threaded Posts with Screws” from Lowes or “Chicago Screws” as I’ve heard them called (nylon, plastic or rubber washers may help these from not coming undone with positioning him). You can also find these on Amazon. If you want details on that, let me know.
    • If you want to permanently position him, then use wooden dowels and glue.
    • There are indentations for small magnets on the bottom piece and washers on the top. This may or may not be a firm hold, depending what you use. If you are holding him from the bottom then you’ll probably be OK.
    • I used wooden dowels for his antenna Depending what you find it may fit right in the existing hole or file it open a bit.
    • Always be careful with your droid!

**Legal notices**

These downloadable 3D models were created from scratch by me.

By Buying and Downloading you agree to the following license and terms of use.

    • Purchase of this 3D file grants a license for personal use only.
    • Any commercial use is prohibited.
    • Redistribution or resale of the file in any way, shape or form is prohibited.
    • Printing of this file for sale or resell is prohibited.

List of files:

    • ID10 Droid 6 Feet v1.3
    • ID10 Droid 6 Hands v1.3
    • ID10 Droid Arms v1.3
    • ID10 Droid Head 1 of 4 v1.3
    • ID10 Droid Head 2 of 4 v1.3
      ID10 Droid Head 3 of 4 v1.3
    • ID10 Droid Head 4 of 4 v1.3
    • ID10 Droid Head UNCUT v1.3 (for print beds larger than 8″x8″)
    • ID10 Droid Inner Head v1.3
    • ID10 Droid Left Leg v1.3
    • ID10 Droid Right Leg v1.3
    • ID10 Droid Upper Leg v1.3 (both left and right)
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