Sorry for the lack of postings!

After freezing our arses off in Orlando on a small trip (it was a nice change though!) and getting done with a 3-day convention this past weekend, I should be back to some regular progress on my current 3D model as well my other hobby practices (sketching and painting). I’m utilizing a new-ish to-do app so lets see if I can keep up! =)

We also picked up our newly adopted kitty last week! Her name is Kyber (yes, after the lightsaber crystal) and she is a gray-white tripod. She gets around like any other cat, climbing and jumping and running. Every time you go up to her she trills and starts purring. So loving, not skittish at all. We’ve already introduced Cinnamon to her. Sugar is happy to be left alone. Cinn seems to not sure what to make of her yet, though they both trill at each other so that is a good sign.


So stay tuned for some more hopefully regular postings on the various places like here, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

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