Seventh Sister

Seventh Sister completeThis is my finished Seventh Sister from Star Wars Rebels.  My costume is based on the animated version and was one of the first costumes completed and approved. UPDATES = recent edits to this post(5/7/2018) .

Costume Items:

Belt Buckle, greeblie & wrist greeblies can be found on my Shapeways Shop. The 3D printable files for the belt buckle and greeblies are also available on etsy, especially if you want to experiment with different sizes. 3D models for printing the Saberguard (open or closed) and the ID-9 droid can be found on my Etsy Shop. The belt buckle is a specific size. If you need something different let me know. I scale parts to MY size, everyone should do the same. =)

Boots: Black boots/shoes (plain) with red stripe along heel and part of sole on both sides. Here’s the boots I used, the spat should cover the ‘elastic’ area: Boots from Amazon .

Spats: Black (semi-gloss) armor that arches over boot/shoe. In my opinion this should be of a firm or hard material. I used a foam which is slightly flexible but gives the look of the hard armor thanks to the paint! I have no problems with sliding my spats on then putting my boots (shoes) on.

Pants with pinstripe.

Pants: Black form fitting. Semi-stretch suiting type fabric. Thin red pin strip (1/4″ – 1/2″, depends on your leg size but I would try to stick to the 1/4″ -3/8″ ) along the outer sides.  I see too many Seventh Sisters with an inch wide stripe, it’s just not that wide. In my opinion the CRL is definitely wrong on this. Just look at the screenshots, it is not an inch.

These are the pants I used (Still unavailable but maybe it’ll show something similar ): Black Pants on Amazon. They are SO comfy and nicely form-fitting but be very careful when putting them on after you attach the red stripe. Pretend they are tights and you have to gradually put them on. I also removed the 2 back pockets. You can add the knee triangles if you like, but honestly they aren’t even noticeable.

Chest piece before red details.

Chest Piece: Black semi-gloss (same as spats). Made of a thin firm or hard material. The armor has a ridge along each shoulder. The armor should reach from the edge of shoulder to shoulder and be close to the neck as well. There should also be a good gap between the belt and the armor. The armor should not be touching the belt.

UPDATE: I’ve updated my armor to an ABS kit (holymoly I can breath in it now haha). I kept the foam shoulder ridges as the ones that came with the kit were huge and there was no easy way to trim it. I permanently attached the ridges to the front chest piece and use magnets to attach the ridges to the back piece. Works pretty well and makes taking it on and off easier.

For the details: In my opinion, the white/light gray line details on the chestpiece should be thin, like a worn-down-pencil thin, not the thick harsh white lines I’ve seen on others.

Jacket showing red lining.

Jacket: Same or similar fabric as pants. Red-lining. Lining should not show on the side of overlap above belt. White cogs on each shoulder. The lining really only needs to be below the belt, that’s where anyone would see it.

UPDATE: Here are two photos of how I made my jacket. Hope it helps anyone who wants to dive to making a jacket. It was my first attempt at sewing clothing from a pattern (butchered pattern at that, hah!).

Layout of modified pieces and additions.

Bracer before added detail.

Bracers: Black semi-gloss (same as spats and chest piece). Made of a firm material (hard plastic or a firm foam). I have mine slide on and off which is why I did mine in foam.

Gray/silver greeblie on each. Again scale to your size. (available on my Shapeways shop).

Gloves: Black with red palm/fingers.Mine happen to be red leather painted with black dye.

UPDATE: Will be attempting my own cloth gloves soon!

Finished Helmet

Helmet/Mask: Black w/ red ‘lights’ and white detail, painted red inside. I purchased my unfinished helmet and mask kit from Im_Echo (Etsy Shop) . The bonus to this one is that it was cast in black, so awesome. I did still paint it just for protection with a matte black primer by Army Painter. I didn’t use the semi-gloss paint like the armor as that stuff can do some really strange things (especially with the Florida humidity heh).

Neck Seal mid-sewing

Neck seal: Black with a seam every 1.5″ or so.

Another thing to scale to your size so the seams may be less, but I wouldn’t go more than 1.5″ wide. I butchered THIS shirt by chopping the arms off, cut open the sides, trimmed the waist and then made the seams by pinching and sewing.

Balaclava: Black. To hide the skin as much as possible (also makes the chestpiece go on and off easier for me as I have lots of hair =P ).

Belt before sidestrap.
Belt: Black with silver buckle, black/dark gray greeblie, and a side strap. I recommend scaling the buckle and greeblie to your size as I see a few extra large parts on some folk. I made the belt straps with black vinyl.
UPDATE: Looking into upgrading this as well.

 Some notes and thoughts: 

I spent a ton of time researching each piece, looking up various screenshots and video clips (after watching certain episodes repeatedly) to make sure of the details. Small details are important to me as well as making sure the costume is scaled correctly to fit ME! (animated characters have unrealistic body sizes as well as armor flexing, etc).  I think the most important thing one can do is scale items, pieces, and parts so it looks right on YOU as well as meeting the proper look of the character, whether it be plastics or foam.. or whatever. =)

Was pretty fun doing pretty much everything except the helmet from scratch! And all of it, except the helmet/mask, fit in this nice little bin! Jacket and pants goes on top of the armor. Even the saberguard fits on the bottom!


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