Zym, Winged Plasmacat

Current painting project! My husband gave me two Windstone Paint-Your-Own figurines so I’ve started on the flapcat.

Here’s my WIP gallery which will be updated as I progress! I also do some live streaming on Facebook so if you are interested make sure to follow/like my Keltaria page. Maybe I’ll try Twitch sometime but I think I need more than my phone camera for that. =)

My supplies:

  • PYO Windstone Flapcat
  • Primer. A black base for this one.
  • Acrylic paints (I use Vallejo Game Color, Reaper, & P3)
  • Raphael Kaerell Round brushes.. Size 00, 1, & 2 for this large guy!
  • masking fluid
  • wet palette
  • papertowels
  • latex glove for holding him
  • water (of course)
  • My Inspirational (current) Pandora station It’s very… mixed-ish. Created from Les Friction, Black Veil Brides, Svrcina, Bad Wolves, & Starset, which came from random tracks put into my Audiomachine station! I have to say no to a good handful of things that just don’t belong tho. =P

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