3D Files: ID-9 Seeker Droid


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**These files are not for distribution or for selling kits/parts.

Heads up!!! This is very different from the new Battlefront 2 ID10 droid. Please make sure of which droid you need before purchasing!

This the 3D model I created from scratch of the ID9 Seeker Droids the Seventh Sister uses. Here is a link to my blog post with some exploded views of him: https://keltaria.com/2017/11/id9-seeker-droid-seventh-sister/

This file contains ten (10) .STL files meant for 3D printers. Please read the points below before purchasing and contact me with any questions! =)

Some points:
– These files produce the basic parts for the droid. All his appendage segments are separate for you to pose him how you want.
– XTC3D is awesome. I use that to smooth out a lot of my prints (but be careful applying it!). Go lightly and gradually to reduce drippage on curved parts. Coat & sand = so smooth! File off the bumps/drips.
– The top and bottom of his eye-hole are the thinnest parts of the print, it may even be spotty depending on your print settings. With a coating of XTC3D and paint, it covers it up quite nicely.
– There is an area for a basic tealight (I found remote control ones, they are kinda awesome!). If you are an electrical wizard then by all means use other types of lights/LEDs.
– Attach the legs as you see fit. I used brass rods and superglue.
– There are indentations for small magnets on the bottom piece and washers on the top (please note this is not as strong as I like it with what I’m currently using, BUT I’ll be holding him from the bottom so I’m not too concerned).
– I used an acrylic rod for his antenna and scrap ABS for his flag. Depending what you find it may fit right in the existing hole or file it open a bit.
– Always be careful with your little droid. One good whack and the legs will likely still pop off/come loose.

Please see the images for this listing for samples of the 3D files and how they are laid out for printing. I even provided extra hands/feet for other options! =)

List of files:

    • Droid Bottom HEAD v2.2
    • Droid Top HEAD v2.2
    • Droid Inner HEAD v2.2
    • Droid ARM A v2.2
    • Droid ARM B v2.2
    • Droid HANDS extra v2.2
    • Droid LEG A v2.2
    • Droid LEG B v2.2
    • Droid LEG C v2.2
    • Droid FEET extra v2.2
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